CMC Swift No.2, c. 1889

This Coventry Machinists' Co. model no.2 was the cheaper alternative to the more expensive diamond frames of CMC. All safeties of CMC were sold under the brand name Swift, which later became the factory name. 

It is a classic cross frame (made by hundreds of factories in numerous versions) but it clearly is a  Swift: even when the solid lamp bracket (broken in this case...) isn't like the other CMC's , that normally have a spring to fix the lamp. The rear hub flangesare stamped at the outside with Coventry Machinists. And of course it has the CMC details like the curved spokes on the chainwheel and the 'club' spokes. 
This model no.2 is in the 1889 catalogue, alas I do not have the 1890 catalogue, but I have the 1891 version and the model has changed that year. So the bicycle has been built in 1889 or 1890.

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